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Today I felt this intense need to write down my feelings...for me and my children. I love politics...not the drama of it, but the tradition. I love the pomp and circumstance. I love the history behind it. I love everything it represents. I love to be a part of something that is much bigger and stronger than anyone ever could imagine. I love being swept up in the moment of victory. I stood in Times Square on Election Night and marveled at what was happening around me...there were people singing in the streets, hugging one another, crying tears of joy and yelling "YES WE CAN"! What a sight it was....a momentous occasion in our history and I was in the middle of it!
So, as I sat and watched the TV this morning, my heart was full and yes, I shed a tear. I was so proud to be an American, to live in a country where we have voted for a man that not too long ago, would never have been allowed to entertain the idea of becoming President. I was proud that my children don't see the color of a person, but rather see the PERSON. I was proud to see that my children would also know that this President was what our country wanted and needed and WE helped bring change in America. I was proud to see our outgoing President and the incoming stand together and wish each other well. These two men...so different and yet not really. Both wanting a united America, a proud America, a peaceful America. Obama has united us, made us proud and for a moment provided us with the peace that WE made a difference. These next four years will be his legacy and our history.

Yes, I admit, I didn't vote for Obama, I don't agree with all his policies, his beliefs, but now he is MY President. He is OUR President. I feel Hope and Pride and Unity with my fellow Americans and at Peace that he will do HIS best. I will continue to pray that Heavenly Father shows him Grace when the trials are too great. That he will lean on his Faith when he is being tested. That he will feel the Spirit when all else fails.

Welcome Mr. President. May God bless you.


Lauren wins an award for RESPONSIBILTY

At Lauren's school they present CHAPEL AWARDS once a month. They choose a student from each grade level who exhibits a specific character trait, such as caring for others, being courteous, etc. Well, we were so excited when I rc'd an email from Lauren's teacher letting us know she would be receiving a chapel award for RESPONSIBILITY! It was given to students that showed responsibility for their surroundings, God's planet and others. She didn't know she was going to get it, so the look on her face was just priceless!! Billy and I are so proud of her and feel blessed that she goes to a school where they encourage and challenge the children to be loving and accepting. GREAT JOB LAUREN!!

Lauren and her friend Rennie, along with Rennie's little sister performed at their school in a "Tacos & Talent" night. They did an awesome job and didn't seem to have stage fright too bad!! We were very proud stage parents! I've also included some photos from the evening as well!